Facebook Touch for Windows 8

Keep tabs on the world's most popular social media platform with this software for your Windows tablet

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Facebook Touch for Windows 8
Facebook Touch for Windows 8 2014

Facebook Touch for Windows 8 is an app designed to work with Windows 8 operating systems running on devices that have Facebook installed. It gives you complete access to your account and lets you use Facebook on a touchscreen.

With millions of users around the world, it's not surprising that Facebook ranks as the most popular social networking site. As long as you have an email address, you can sign up for an account that uses your real name and information or a name that you created on the spot. Once you have an account, you can send friend requests to others, update your status, follow pages and even play games. Facebook now has a feature that lets you mark yourself safe after a terrorist attack or natural disaster to notify your family and friends.

With Facebook Touch for Windows 8, you can now access your account from a computer, tablet or even phone and use the site without having access to a mouse or a keyboard. It puts the most important information that you need on the left side. The top link takes you to your account and the page that your friends see, but another link lets you check out locations of restaurants and other businesses close to your current location. This feature uses your GPS to find your current location.

Though Facebook separated its messenger app from its social networking app, this app still combines both features. You no longer need to load and log into a different app just to read or send a message. Clicking on the messages shows you all the messages in your in box and allows you to respond to those messages or send a new one. You can use the other links on the left side to view all your photos, look at event invites and events near you and check out your news feed.

Designed for Windows 8, this Facebook app uses the same type of tile that other apps on your device use. You can change the shape of that app and move it to a new location on your computer. Clicking or pressing on that tile with one or more fingers lets you make those changes. The app also gives you access to the most recent posts made by your friends as well as any pages that you follow. For users with touchscreen devices, Facebook Touch for Windows 8 is one of the best apps for social networking.


  • Responds quickly to your touches
  • Works well with many popular Facebook games
  • Suitable for any tablet or computer with Windows 8 or a newer OS
  • Shows recent updates and posts on your home page
  • Gives you access to your private messages


  • Does not come with any new features not found on previous editions
  • Later replaced with a Windows 10 version
  • Doesn't have much in the way of privacy and customization options

Facebook Touch for Windows 8 is a touchscreen interface that is built specifically for this particular operating system. It does not introduce any new or additional features, but it allows users to interact with the Facebook platform completely by touch instead of using a keyboard or mouse.

It is stable, reliable and free from known bugs or issues. It doesn't require any special calibration or configuration, and users can start interacting with their favorite social media site once the program is installed and they are logged in to the system. The layout is similar, and most buttons are big enough to make navigation simple and hassle-free.

This program only works with Windows 8, and it is not compatible with previous versions. I find there is hardly any difference between using this software and running Facebook from my touchscreen computer that used to have Windows 7, but this one seems a little faster and more responsive. I'm guessing that most of the benefits of this software are being executed in the background, and it's difficult to say exactly what is happening under the hood.

Maybe this is a good thing, since there are no known issues or problems to contend with, and I expect that most users will experience a trouble-free transition. The program is free and secure, and I have yet to experience a freeze, stall or crash. I can upload videos, pictures and enter status updates on-screen without using my keyboard. I can also get into my settings and make changes in the same manner.

The file was easy to download and install, and it automatically updates when new versions become available. I can also set the program to run in the background and send notifications to the desktop, and there are also other ways to customize my user experience.

Windows 8 got off to a rough start, but it seems as though many services and companies are optimizing software to run on this new operating system. Facebook didn't waste any time getting the ball rolling, and I can't think of anything bad to say about my experience up until now.


Installation is painless.

It runs in the background without draining resources.

The interface is smooth and responsive.

No crashes or bugs to report at this time.


This program only works on computers that are running Windows 8.

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